abbie and andrew.....the last wedding of 2011

2011 has been AWESOME. simply put, one of the best years ever. I will go into that more later, but abbie and andrew's wedding day was just a cap on an awesome year. I adore my clients. you guys are AMAZING!!! abbie and andrew's day was a little wet. and a little dark....but that didn't matter because it was full of a LOT of love, family and fun. it was a truly lovely wedding! 

and as my last wedding before my maternity leave (I was the huge 36 week pregnant photographer huffing and puffing) I was soooooo beyond lucky to have my friend and fellow photographer Jessica Sands along with me. She is so super fabulous. If you are looking for a photographer for your 2012 wedding look her up. she rocks. and I couldn't have done this wedding without her. 

now on to the pictures! 

i loved her bouquets. soooo neat! 





by the time we did their wedding party and couples portraits it was DARK, dark, DARK. which was fun and added a new dynamic to their pictures, I think. ALSO, I don't want to knock anyone, but it is a REALLY GOOD reason why the photographer you hire should have the experience to know what to do in any situation and the EQUIPMENT to handle it. sadly to say, not all of the photographers out there do.