erin and lee...the wedding

i have been super blessed this year to be a part of some amazing weddings. weddings that make me over the moon happy and have a perma grin for the rest of the week. i LOVE how personal and fabulous so many couples are making their special day. i knew from the moment erin contacted me I would enjoy her and lee's wedding. I photographed erin's brother's wedding in 2009, and took a photo of her and lee then that spoke of how much they loved each other (it's in the blog post from meri and randy's wedding, see if you can spot it!) Erin and Lee were married at Huntington Farm's near Viroqua, and it was just a fabulous day. Although. um. SUPER COLD. especially for their wedding party which was made mostly of friends from warmer states, like texas and tennessee. thanks everyone for being good sports as I drug you through the SNOW for pictures. and now. THE PICTURES! 

Also, I have to say a HUUUUUGE thank you to my super awesome, super talented, super wonderful friend Jessica Sands of Jessica Sands Photography. I couldn't have done it without you. You are a rock. I absolutely ADORE shooting with you. (check her out, everyone, if you haven't already. she is fab!)

Erin got ready at the Heritage Inn in Viroqua. what A GORGEOUS place to get ready. I know I am a broken record, but seriously. people. GET READY SOMEWHERE COOL. with nice light. The church basement? NOT A NICE PLACE TO GET READY. get over the fear that your dress will wrinkle. It probably won't. YOU HAVE A CHOICE. for pictures, the church basement is not a good getting ready spot. (//okay end pyschotic rant//)



when I got to huntington farms, the groomsmen were throwing snowballs at the roof of the barn in an attempt to dislodge the snow so it didn't fall on unsuspecting guests' heads 


erin and lee designed their own invitations







Thank you to everyone involved! What a great day!