Kristina and Tyler....milwaukee wedding photography

Tyler and Kristina got married a couple weeks ago and I have been eagerly awaiting them returning home from their honeymoon so I could post their wedding. It really was the loveliest of days. I've known Tyler (and basically all of his groomsmen) for too many years to count, as they are all friends of my younger brother. So it was great hanging out with them all again. And it was awesome to get to know Kristina better as well. I had such an amazing day with you both! and the light. seriously the light. everywhere the light on their wedding day just rocked. I adore natural light. ADORE.IT. you all know that though. now. on to the pictures! 


Thank you SO SO MUCH also to the fabulous Sheena Baughman who came with me and helped me out immensely and took gorgeous photos. 













something else you should know about kristina and tyler (and their friends and family. ya. they can dance. it was SOOOO much fun. and hilarious!)