best of 2010......sunlight

you all know I have an obsession with any form, flare or just that soft glowy light, oooh or backlighting..... or if you didn't know, you will see after this post. I am OBSESSED with the sun. 

PLEASE VOTE ON YOUR FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPH.... {the number is BEFORE the picture} Voting will go until Jan 13th. The winner will get an 8x10 of the winning shot.


silhouettes  portraits 1 & 2   engagements  

kids at weddings   reception  ceremony  wedding party   grooms  

 brides   getting ready   details    dresses     shoes    



1. Miriah and Nate


2. Jenna and Derrek


3. Amelia (if this one wins I will pick a person that voted for it at random and THEY will get the 8X10)


4. paul and diane


5. jaime and logan


6. rachel and mark


7.  amy and brad


8.  liz and adam


9. becky and frank


10. julie and clay


11. the leis family


12. dyani and isaac


13. leah and mason


14. ashley and scott


15. Jadyn


 16. leah


17. amanda and ritch


18. kristina and tyler


19. the brandau family


20. jenn and zac


21. jess and dillon