amy and vic....engagement

so. i am not a wordsmith. i always struggle a bit with what to write, not because the couples I shoot aren't awesome, or that their session or wedding or what have you don't inspire, because they DO....but just because I would rather express myself in photo form than word form. sooooo....if it seems as if I am saying the same things over and over, and over using words, i am sorry. just skip the words and go straight to the photos. ;)

that being said, Amy and Vic are another amazing couple (i know--i am so lucky to get to work with so many fabulous people). we did their session around Vic's families land in Kendall, and also a bit in the town....even though I live so close to kendall I had never shot much there, so that was super fun. thanks amy and vic and I can't wait until your wedding in April! 




for more check out their album on my facebook page