dyani and isaac....the wedding

remember how i alluded to the couple that got engaged in the forest under paper lanterns? that was dyani and isaac. this past weekend I was blessed to be able to photograph their weddings. dyani is my cousin so of course it was a super fun and emotional wedding for me. Besides that, it was just amazing all around. the perfect location, gorgeous dresses, super unique details. If you know me, you know my favorite weddings are the ones that totally are about the couple---where things aren't done just because "they always are". I LOOOOOOVE unique/simple/artsy/ goodness.....and yani and isaac's wedding was jam-packed full of that. and with fun, and with a love for each other that was soooooooooooooo crazy amazing. thank you isaac and yani for having me do your photographs. 




i loved that dyani's girls didn't wear bridesmaid dresses---just two different black dresses from anne taylor and nordstroms.



and i especially loved that isaac wore suspenders and that there were no tuxes---just guys in cool ties that matched the wedding colors







instead of a regular dance (dyani danced once with her dad and isaac and yani danced once together and that was it.) they had outdoor games and time for a session of the two of them in the gorgeous evening light. PERFECTION.