liz and adam.....the wedding

another gorgeous weekend with another gorgeous wedding. can i just say how much i love backyard weddings! liz and adam's wedding was another super fab day! everything was just completely lovely......the decorations, the flowers, the dresses, and especially liz and adam themselves. we had so much fun! thank you liz and adam for including us in your day, and to my friend Amanda for second shooting with me again. you are superduperamazing! 

the next two are amanda's shots


i loved adam's face when he saw liz for the first time


liz had some BIG yellow balloons for pictures. and you all know i can't resist balloons! 

next photo by amanda:

i super duper huge puffy heart loved this tree


the right hand shot is by amanda


more balloon fun! 

their programs ROCKED. they were super cool fonts/designs on all sorts of fuuuuuuuun papers


next two shots by amanda:



they danced back down the aisle. I LOVED that! 




after dinner, liz and adam snuck out with amanda and i for some more couple portraits in the GORGEOUS late evening light. now.....if you know me AT ALL.... you know I have a wee obsession with light. you may not think it makes a difference whether you take your pictures at noon...or at an hour before sunset, but it does, it SOOOOOOOOO does. and if my fanatical raving doesn't convince you, maybe these pictures will


now yes, i do realize this next picture is not at all in focus. and yes, i did do it on purpose. too me it looks like a dream. 


next two are by amanda (obviously we couldn't get enough of this light)


some more from that super fab tree


amanda's shot:


thank you guys for having amanda and I as part of your super duper wonderful day!