ralph and laura.....the wedding, part 1

remember this invite?

last weekend i had the honor of spending the weekend with ralph, laura, their friends and their family. i simply adored this wedding. ralph and laura are such gracious, caring, and lovely people and that just shown through all the details and love and fun and, well, every part of their day. and seriously. the details. you all know i am a sucker for details. and they had put SO much thought into each part. from the invites, to the decorations...just everything! it was a fabulous day and I was SO happy to be able to capture it. I was also super stoked to my friend Rebecca from Studio Noveau Photography shooting with me. I am posting some of her pictures here to help tell the story, and check out her facebook page to see more (and check out mine to see more as well. i had to many favorites, I couldn't post them all here!)


we started our day with the girls at the fabulous iron horse hotel in milwaukee where they got ready. It is such a gorgeous place! 

laura has AMAZING style. you could see that throughout the wedding. evidence? her bridesmaid shoes for one! 




the photo on the left is by rebecca


the lovely portrait on the left is by Rebecca, 


then Rebecca got to go spend some times with the guys, so the next eleven pictures are by her! 


love this picture rebecca got of ralph

can you tell the soccer game was on?


all the groomsmen wore awesome converse shoes, and laura had ralph's specially made out of vintage converse material. super cool! {all of these shots still by rebecca}



now back to me and the girls...i loved laura's shoes, her dress, her belt....




i love this shot rebecca captured of laura after she just put on her dress

and laura's bouquet was one of the most wonderful smelling bouquets EVER! (rebecca's shot):



the next two shots are rebecca's:




picture on the right by rebecca:


ralph needed a little bow tie help during the ceremony (rebecca's shot)






stay tuned for part 2, coming soon