miriah and nate.....the wedding

what can i say? miriah is my cousin, friend and "psuedo sister" ;).....and I am so happy she met Nate, who is a wonderful addition to the family. they got married this past weekend and it was a wonderful day. i was so happy that they had me photograph it. Of course I got teary eyed, danced, and had a blast. Miriah made a GORGEOUS bride as I knew she was, and nate was a dapper and fabulous groom. LOVE you guys! 

I am trying not too post too many pictures, because I put an ENORMOUS sneak peek on facebook. 


amelia was a flower girl, and was so thrilled to get her hair done at the beauty shop
















kyle and jesse were again FORCED into renewing their dance of tradition....and got some of the uncles to participate this time

i had to throw this one in, because this is my cousin dyani and her fiance isaac and i am photographing their wedding in indiana on saturday. hooray!

thanks again guys for  a super fabulous day....i am so happy for you!!!!!