julie and clay.....the wedding

i just have to say it. I LOVE MY JOB. Seriously....how cool is that I get to do something I love, and spend the day with two fabulous people on one of the happiest days of their life? well, it is pretty darn cool. And seriously I TRIPLE love it when I have a wedding to document that is as super wonderful as Julie and Clay's. I knew as soon as I did their engagement pictures last year that it would be a super fab wedding. And then I photographed Julie's sister Sarah's wedding last year.....and since then I was counting down the days until I could work with their family again. Because the Mantilla family? well they rock. Plain and simple. Some of the most gracious, loving, joyful and genuine people anywhere. They made me feel so welcome. And then Clay's family, the Hansons are equally as fabulous! Karen has given my name to quite a few couples (which I SO appreciate!), and all of the weddings have been so great. And they are just wonderful people---so kind and caring. Seriously, I know I am gushing. But all the elements came together to make an amazing day. Everything was gorgeous. And Julie and Clay? SERIOUSLY. first of all they are ridiculously good looking, but more than that they are geniunely kind hearted people. And so crazy-in-love. I got to witness some super sweet moments between the two of them and it was so heart-melting. And the way they look at each other? forget about it! Ok. I could go on and on. I will say that I told Julie's mom I wish they had 10 more daughters.....I want to photograph their weddings forever. LOL ;) NOW---the pictures!!!!

ok...common theme for this wedding... joy and laughter. I have SO many pictures of people laughing, smiling, and just cracking up. and seriously that is how a wedding SHOULD be! LOVED IT.



clay's dad wrote this letter to him....so started the waterworks (for me. LOL...i cry a lot)


alert. major shoe obsession rearing its head PS---I CANNOT stress it enough. WHERE you get ready makes a difference. It REALLY REALLY REALLY does. If you want awesome getting ready pictures, part of it depends on where you are getting ready. 

i took this almost same picture at sarah's wedding (with the sarah's baby pictures, of course. i couldn't resist doing it again)



seriously. julie? GORGEOUS!


 loved the back of julie's dress


president obama, errrrr.....julie's brother raffi, gets his boutonniere. 

are these two people excited to see each other down the aisle or what?



kyle mitchell. one of the most talented singers i have EVER heard. i got goosebumps---no exaggerations. and many tears were shed (not me this time....)






i wish i could say that i am ultra witty and made julie and clay crack up. but i so can't. it totally wasn't me





this is my super fave:

love the buttons on julie's dress




the speeches were great. just check out the responses they elicited



seriously AWESOME father daughter dance. it was fast. it was AMAZING.

and then. the fun. happened.


this was, hands down, one of my top 5 wedding moments of all time. The DJ was playing the "tonight's gonna be a good night" song by black eyed peas and everyone was on the dance floor around julie and clay and there was just so much JOY. they were surrounded by everyone they loved, and everyone was SO excited. and seriously. it was AWESOME. i can't express the feeling accurately in words. 

thank you AGAIN to the Hansons, the Manitlla's, Julie and Clay and all your friends and family. SERIOUSLY AMAZING DAY!