becky and frank..... wedding

with each and every wedding i shoot, i get all excited and expectant. i just can't wait to see the dress that the bride picked, the flowers, the details, and i get giddy just thinking about all the emotions that will play out over the day. the nervous, excited anticipation while getting ready, the look in the groom's eye when he sees his bride, the mothers tearing up when watching their "babies" get matter how many weddings i go to these things jut never get old. it was the same at becky and frank's fabulous wedding. i love seeing how every couple makes a wedding their own. even though mosquitos swarmed, and storms threatened, nothing could put a damper on their day. becky and frank were AWESOME, even taking pictures in the rain. thank so much to everyone involved in this wedding and for having me there. 

now. to the pictures! 



the girls got ready in becky's old elementary school, and becky is an elementary teacher. it totally fit



one of my favorite shots of the day:

you'll notice i took A LOT of pictures of the flower girl. she was just so totally adorable

can you tell that mosquitos were totally attacking these guys in these pictures? i didn't think so. they were good! 







um. i was sort of in love with this bridge. as evidenced by the many pictures i am posting from it



frank knows what is going on in this picture ;)


another super fave:



i have to thank becky and frank for standing in the median of the road to catch the sun at the perfect spot. 


and another favorite!

i LOVE when DJs have super fab lighting...and when everyone has tons of fun at the reception!