abby and shoot


for a long while my dear friend and fellow photographer dani stephenson and I have been wanting to do some fun style shoots to put into action some ideas we have had floating around in our heads. So last sunday we, along with kate bentley and jessica sands  who came out to help us, we shot five couples over the course of 8 hours all around the cranberry marshes. it was a super duper AWESOME day. how could we not have fun with five GORGEOUS couples, some super fun locations, lots of etsy goodness and some beautiful vintage dresses? Seriously it was SO great and I have to say a HUGE MAJOR thank you to our awesome couples: you rocked it, jess + kate: we couldn't have done it without you, Dani's husband Jason: I know it wasn't your ideal sunday driving us around and helping us with big props, and of course Dani: thank you SOOOO much for being my partner in crime.


now...on to the pictures. first up were abby and dan. and these guys set the bar HIGH for the rest of the day. they were the perfect models. for their shoot we had in mind kind of an urbany type feel, and abby brought some awesome dresses, that girl has STYLE! 


since i had someone mention it this past week, i have to clarify that i do ALL sunflare in camera, i have NEVER added it in post processing. 




there is a LOT more where this came from, four more lovely couples, so stay tuned!!!