miriah and nate

sooo....excuse me while I get sappy and nostalgic on you for a minute. i adore this couple. why? because miriah is my dear cousin (if you've watched the blog closely the last couple of  years you may recognize her name as she has shot some weddings/sessions with me). and now she is getting married. and to a GREAT guy! nate is so much fun and he put up with my ribbing, bossing around and hovering VERY well. i really couldn't be happier for them...and I seriously CANNOT wait for their wedding! miriah, it seems like just yesterday when you were yelling NO, STOP TAKING PICTURES OF ME at the video camera ;) thanks for not doing that during your engagement pictures ;) LOL. 

{and because I am keeping my blog posts down to a minimum, there are many more on facebook---if you "like" Krystal Muellenberg Photography there you can see them!)


we actually did their session in two parts. we started on friday night and it started raining fairly hard. during this picture they were getting rain in their faces and eyes


next one? a definite fave!