alicia and curt.....the wedding

two posts in one day? YEP. I couldn't wait to post Alicia and Curt's wedding photos. even though a couple of things happened that would make many brides stress--- a major mishap with her maid of honor's dress and it HAILED on them while we took pictures--- alicia was one of the most calm, laid back brides ever. She and Curt were an AMAZING couple, and their wedding party was fabulous. it was cold and we drove around and did pictures for a couple hours outdoors and they never once complained. thanks guys SO much for a great day. and thank you to miss alice who helped me shoot the wedding.

this is when the dress mishap happened. the zipper on the maid of honor's dress totally BROKE. alicia's aunt (thanks jeannie for the clarification) had to take it in to Olive Juice Quilts and put in a whole new zipper while we were taking alicia and curt's pictures! 

i probably don't have to tell you that i loved alicia's shoes



these next two are some of my faves:


the lace on her bouquet, which i loved was from her great grandma (right, alicia?) and her mom carried it with her bouquet on her wedding day also. 

definitely in the running for favorite groomsman shot ever:


another favorite couple shot:

this next shot was all alice's idea:

a couple of nontraditional group shots ;)

alicia's bridesmaid interviewing her (and videoing) before the ceremony--we took ALL the pictures prior to the ceremony

their ceremony was so touching and hilarious, and meaningful, all wrapped up into one

alicia's maid of honor tiffany had the best laugh


the sun finally came out for a glorious sunset (they had snow, rain, hail and sun ALL on their day!)