marianne and shaun

this past weekend i travelled down to Elk Grove, IL to shoot the super stylish and fun wedding of Marianne and Shaun. Marianne was a bridesmaid in Sarah and Devon's wedding last August, and it was great to see her (and Sarah and Julie) again! Everything was just GORGEOUS---Marianne has an amazing sense of style and it came through on all parts of the wedding. And although it rained on the morning of the wedding----by the afternoon the sun was shining and it turned out to be a fabulous day. Thank you so much to Marianne and Shaun for including me in your amazing wedding day! 


i went back and forth with what ring shot to post, and then thought...hey, it's my blog....i am going to post all three....LOL

seriously, what is an easter weekend wedding without a............RING on the PEEPS shot....

HUGE fan of Marianne's dress. HUGE

you will see a reoccurring theme........i was totally feeling mirror/reflection shots....



as the mother of a daughter this picture makes my heart swell




one of the reason's i love hanging out with these girls is their EXCITEMENT and joy! I have a similiar picture of marianne's reaction to sarah in her dress too!

i took a lot of bridal portraits of marianne, but she was totally rocking them! how could i not?








couldn't decide between the next, well see the above not about ring shots ;)

one of my favorites: i have soft spot for negative white space. LOL

the space where they held their ceremony and reception was awesome, especially the lobby....


i love marianne's face in this one