erica and dave's wedding in baltimore

it was just so fun to be back in baltimore this past weekend. i love fell's point (where we stayed) and just mixing things up with a travel wedding is always awesome. it was also great to have my friend Rebecca Eby from Studio Noveau traveling and shooting with me! Check her out! 

there was lots to love about this wedding: absolutely heavenly weather, super fun wedding party, family and friends, adorable kiddos, and of course erica and dave themselves who are so in love and just SO awesome. but there were a couple of things that stood out as absolutely incredibly awesome....

~the wedding day timeline ROCKED! the ceremony was at 12:30 and the reception started at 2 (with dinner around 3). They had a dance and everything that you would have at a "normal" wedding and it was all done at 6 pm.....letting us use the awesome last hour of light (between 6:30-7:30) for couple pictures. I NEVER get to do that....and let me tell you, that light is MAGICAL! Also, then the day didn't stretch out too long for guests, and Erica and Dave weren't completely exhausted at the end---although I am sure the celebrating stretched out into the evening for them and their friends! Just a thought to all those planning your wedding---you don't have to go by the "typical" timeline...MIX IT UP!

~their wedding day photography was a high priority for erica and dave. they definitely put thought into it and did many little things to make sure their pictures were lovely. so of course, I LOOOOOOVED that. they were up for anything we asked them to do, they made sure to do their pictures in the gorgeous light, etc. etc. I love photographing couples that are excited about their pictures!!!!

okay! enough chattering...... i just had to gush because I was so excited about this wedding! now....on to the good stuff! the pictures! 


erica and her dad waiting for the ceremony to start











one of my FAVORITES!


the light was unbelievable 

thanks again to erica and dave, and their family and friends. AND rebecca!