asa, milena & amara

asa is my cousin, milena is his gorgeous wife, and amara is their absolutely ADORABLE baby. i mean, seriously...i think there has only ever been one other baby girl this cute as a ever ;) when amelia saw her, she said "I KNOW, Amara and Chase can get married, because Amara is so beautiful". we had to tell her that just wouldn't work....

i never blogged any of milena's maternity shots, so i am throwing in a couple of those in first.





and now...amara. and seriously....babies just don't sleep when i photograph them.... or maybe the babies i photograph are just TOO interested in what is going on around them to sleep. i think that was the case with amara. i have never seen a newborn so engaged with her parents and the world around her. 




and i have to sneak one of the super adorable grandparents, my uncle bruce and aunt judy

we love you guys all SO much!