the cure for the common christmas carol

{this post has nothing to do with photography. if you want a really newsy photography post. don't miss this one}

the christmas season is here.....and if you know me, you know I adore christmas. It is seriously the best time of the year for me....I love everything about it---especially celebrating Jesus's birth--- One of my favorite parts of christmas is the music. Although I must admit I get rally sick of the same 15 songs they play over and over on the radio. So for the past five years I have made christmas mixed cds for some family and friends. I thought I would share the playlists here, so if you are short on christmas spirit, go find the songs and have a listen. Not all of them are uncommon, definitely some classics and staples on the list, but there may just be some you haven't heard yet! 











2010 (for those of you who get the yearly cd and don't want to know what is one it, don't look down. LOL!