the blog post in which i talk about a lot of random things.....

*First off, I want to extend a HUGE MONDO thank you to all of my 2010 clients. I loved being a part of your lovely weddings, documenting your adorable families, and getting a glimpse into your love. I feel so blessed to have worked with each and every one of you. You made 2010 an amazing year. You all ROCK! 

*The best of 2010 contest is just around the corner, so get ready to vote like crazy. Remember how much fun last year was? I can't wait to do it again. The winners will get super fab prizes.  So stay tuned for that. I am super duper excited for that! 

*I am running a "Last minute booking special". If you or someone you know is getting married in Jan-April of 2011 (this doesn't apply to weddings already booked, and is only for dates I am available). You get 8 hours of wedding day photography and a high resolution DVD for a reduced fee. Spread the word!!!! NOTE: for those of you thinking "winter wedding-no way" check out these awesome inspiration boards: classic bride and postcards and pretties. AND for those thinking NO WAY CAN I PLAN that fast---it can be done, LOTS of brides do it, and honestly say it is easier, because you HAVE to make decisions fast. I can even help with planning suggestions!)

*Something new is coming in 2011. I will not be booking any "regular" family sessions. Instead I will be doing mini sessions three times a year. The first session will be coming in the spring (more details to come soon!) If you want to have a family session done with me, this is great way to do so. (if you want to know more, contact me, but I will be posting all the info soon!)

*Also, this is a little bit of a "premature" announcement. But I am super thrilled to announce that in 2011, Dani Stephenson and I will be offering a workshop!!! We are so excited. All the details aren't ironed out yet, but if you are interested, contact us so we can send you the 411 right away when it is! 

*This is super random....but if you are looking for a great place for holiday gifts. Don't forget about Etsy. I swear I am obsessed! (I especially enjoy the treasuries) 


and because I know we all like pictures, after all this is a PHOTO blog, here are some from family sessions that never made it to the blog (they were on facebook though, and all the families already have their galleries!