best of at weddings

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your joy and celebrating is ongoing! 

I have two 3's (i am so bad at doing this!) so if you want to vote for either, please say 3a or 3b

PLEASE VOTE ON YOUR FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPH.... {the number is BEFORE the picture} Voting will go until Jan 13th. The winner will get an 8x10 of the winning shot.


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1. from Dana and Corey's wedding


2. from patricia and joel's wedding


3a. from tanya and scott's wedding


3b. from jill and tom's wedding


4. from brittany and bryce's wedding


5. from anna and aaron's wedding


 6. from paul and diane's wedding


7. from becky and frank's wedding



8. from julie and clay's wedding


9. from miriah and nate's wedding



 10. from dyani and isaac's wedding


11. from marie and jeff's wedding


12. from ashley and scott's wedding


13. from leah and lee's wedding


14. from nichole and drew's wedding


15. from jenn and zac's wedding


16. from erica and dave's wedding