best of 2010.......getting ready

*I have two fours!!! If you are going to vote for one of them, please specify 4a or 4b & the wedding it was from. SORRY!*

Thank you SO MUCH for all the votes so far! I so appreciate it! (and I am sure the couples do too!)

I love the getting ready part of the day, there is always so much joy and anticipation. Being able to spend those last few moments with the bride or groom before they become a husband or wife is an honor, big time!!! 

PLEASE VOTE ON YOUR FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPH.... {the number is BEFORE the picture} Voting will go until Jan 13th. The winner will get an 8x10 of the winning shot. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ON THE PREVIOUS CATEGORIES!!!!! 





1. from marianne and shaun's wedding


2. ALSO from marianne and shaun's wedding (i know! gasp! two in one category....)


3.from jill and tom's wedding


4a. from brittany and bryce's wedding


4b. from anna and aaron's wedding


5. from paul and diane's wedding in june


6. from laura and ralph's wedding


7. from liz and adam's wedding


8. from becky and frank's wedding


9. from julie and clay's wedding


10. and another from their wedding (i KNOW, but it isn't often I photograph both the guy and the girl getting ready)


11. from miriah and nate's wedding


12. from sarah and justin's wedding


13. from leah and lee's wedding


14. from katy and samir's wedding (shot with studio noveau photography)


15. from jenn and zac's wedding