best of 2010......other details.

if you know me, you know I ADORE details. the little things that make up awesome weddings. and i had some weddings jam-packed with AMAZING details. I think this is going to be a doozy of a category...especially since I am including rings in with this category! 

 OKAY mixing it up for this category! because I have so many and they are of a lot of different things you can vote for your favorite TWO if you wish.... {the number is BEFORE the picture} Voting will go until Jan 13th. The winner will get an 8x10 of the winning shot. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ON THE PREVIOUS CATEGORIES!!!!! 




1. from dana and corey's wedding in february


2. from erica and dave's wedding



3. from tanya and scott's wedding in april


4. from jenna and derrrek's engagement session


5. from alicia and curt's wedding


6. from jill and tom's wedding


7. from brittany and bryce's wedding


8. from jamie and logan's engagement session


9. from amy and brad's wedding


10.from raplph and laura's wedding  {i seriously want to include every detail picture from their wedding}


11. from julie and clay's wedding


12. from miriah and nate's wedding


13. from marie and jeff's wedding


14. from sarah and justin's wedding


15. from ashley and scott's wedding


16. from nichole and drew's wedding


17. from cassie and jesse's engagement session


18. from erin and dan's wedding


19. from jenn and zac's wedding (another wedding so jam back full of super fab details, it was so hard to choose, but I adored their cake as well)


20. from stacey and riley's wedding


ya. that category got crazy out of hand.......