best of 2010.....dresses

soooo.....what goes with shoes? well...dresses of course. i adore seeing the dresses each bride chooses. and i love when brides are willing to let me showcase their dress in a cool way for a photo. {you girls rock!}

 Please vote on your favorite picture. {the number is BEFORE the picture} Voting will go until Jan 13th. The winner will get an 8x10 of the winning shot. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ON THE PREVIOUS CATEGORIES!!!!! 



1. from erica and dave's wedding



2. from marianne and and shaun's wedding in april




 4. from jill and tom's wedding in may




5. from anna and aaron's wedding in june




6. from liz and adam's july wedding




7. from becky and frank wedding in july




8. from miriah and nate's wedding in july





9. from dyani and isaac's wedding in july




10. from ashley and scott's wedding





11. from jenn and zac's october wedding