best of 2010.....SHOES!

last year I did a best of 2010 contest....I loved it so much, that here we go again!!! I have a bit of a shoe obsession....please vote for your favorite photo, not your favorite pair of shoes, although they are all so fabulous, aren't they?

I think I will have the voting go a bit longer than last year---because I am starting it a little earlier. Get all your friends and family to vote....the winner will get an 8X10 of their winning photo! Vote.!!!!! the voting will run from now until January 13th

1. from erica and dave's wedding in march


2. from joel and patricia's wedding in april


3. from alicia and curt's may wedding


4. from ralph and laura's june wedding

5. from julie and clay's july wedding


6. from dyani and isaac's july wedding


7. from sarah and justin's wedding in august


 8. from ashley and scott's wedding in august


9. from leah and lee's wedding in september


10. from katy and samir's wedding in october (shot with studio noveau photography)


11. from stacy and riley's wedding in november


12. OKAY. this is a late entry...but I forgot about this shot from nichole and drew's wedding and I couldn't leave it off