jenn and zac....the wedding

ok. i could gush on and on about jen and zac's wedding, but i think i will let the pictures speak for themselves. i will say two things. Jenn paid so much attention to detail, and it totally paid off. She totally had an idea for the look and feel of her wedding, and she achieved will have to check out all of the fabulous reception details. She got lots of her items from etsy or was inspired by etsy to do her own DIY projects. GORGEOUS. and second, Jenn and Zac were 100% committed to getting awesome pictures. Not only did they give me ample time for pictures, but they had scoped out amazing locations and did what it took to get the pictures. Including scaling a HUUUUGE hill (in full wedding attire) and crossing a scary old railroad bridge. Jenn and Zac, you sooooo rock! Thank you so much for asking me to document your day. And thank you to Amanda Crowe for being an amazing second shooter. 


i have TONS of favorites, but to keep this from being too unruly, i won't post all of them, but you can check out their facebook gallery for more jenn + zac goodness

first off. you MUST check out jenn's bouquet. gorgeous right? was made of clay. yes clay. and it was perfectly gorgeous, super light and amazingly durable. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it. she got it from: 


jenn and zac had a first look where he suprised her with a right hand ring. it too was gorgeous


huuuuuge fan of jen's ring. 


and of when grooms choke up a little bit seeing their bride come down the aisle



they had a bagpiper pipe (is that the right word?) them out of the church












okay now.... check out some of the AMAZING reception details

like the thumb print tree/guest "book"

the felt flower/vintage button centerpieces, on pieces of wood, and the AWESOME mural behind their head table ---both DIY projects



SUPER awesome cake....made by Kristi's Cakes and Pastries in Wilton, and the stump cake platter, that was taken out of the woods by Zac himself!


and their amazing carnival-inspired snack station