Best of 2009.......Ceremony

I know some people are in a hurry to have the ceremony done to go and 'party'......for me the ceremony is the best part of the whole wedding. It is just chock full of meaning.......and I am encouraging all couples planning a wedding (and reading this blog) to think about your ceremony....and treasure it. It will go by really fast. But that is the moment when two separate people become one wedded couple. (and inevitably, the moment i dissolve in sniffles at most weddings)

And to add a little extra for your favorite in each category and I will send that couple an 8X10 of the winning shot when all is said & done! To vote just add a comment letting me know your favorite!  (Voting will run from now through January 17th)


Please leave at least a first name to vote....all other votes will not be counted.

*Make sure to scroll down and vote for your favorites in EACH category*


1. Marta and Ross


2. Kyle and Nicole


3. Meri and Randy


4. Amber and Seth


5. Sarah and Devin


6. Logan and Anto


7. Bridget and Seth


8. Megan and Jeff


9. Claire and Jon


10. Lynn and Matt


11. Maria and Paul


12. Joni and Blair


13. Sarah and Greg