so you had your pictures what?

The wedding {or engagement, newborn, couple, unbridaled session} is over. You have all these lovely pictures. But what do you do with them? Do they sit on your DVD or online galleries? Do you post a couple pictures to facebook? You love them, but how do you display them in a way you can enjoy them every day? Well here are a couple of options:


1. Add an album to your package. My personal favorite albums are coffee table albums. They are slim and modern and just gorgeous! You can even order coffee table albums of family sessions (or with my wedding package you actually get a different version of a coffee table album of your engagement photos). I have a bunch of coffee table albums from my own family sessions, my maternity sessions, my 365 day projects.....anything! They are a great way to be able to share your pictures! 


2. Canvases! One of my personal favorite ways to share your FAVORITE pictures are through wall canvases. They are just SO gorgeous, a total piece of art for your walls. I get so many comments on our canvases. I absolutely LOVE them. If you are interested in having a canvas made, let me know! And my personal philosphy on canvases are GO BIG. The wedding canvas below is 16X20 and as you can see, it would look better on that wall if it were MUCH BIGGER. At least, that is my opinion ;)

3. Frame them! Hang them! I am the WORST at this. For about three years I have been wanting to do some picture walls in our house. And I finally finished it this winter. And I am SO glad I did. I LOVE being able to look at all our pictures hanging in our house. As an example, here are our photo walls---in our stairway


now.......what will YOU do with the photos you have "trapped" on your computer, online, or on discs?