wish list.....

 I have been thinking of some things on my 'to photograph' wishlist....... and among them are:

* A birth. I STILL would really like to photograph a birth. I had two births to *maybe* shoot this year.....but with labor and delivery being as unpredictable as it is, they didn't work out. So......if you are having a baby this year and would like it photographed, let me know! 

*a proposal. not an engagement session ,but an honest to goodness proposal. how awesome would it be to have your proposal caught on "film". pretty darn awesome. (not sure how many guys read this blog, but believe me guys, I bet your gal would love it!)

*more unbridaled or "already married" love sessions. want another chance to wear your gorgeous dress? or been married for 10 years and have No pictures {other than your wedding pics) with your husband? well......I would love to shoot a session for you. (not a family session, a session just focusing on the two of you!) unbridaled sessions are in your wedding dress--which no, will not get trashed, but you do get to be more free than on your wedding day, but a love session wouldn't have to be. 

i have some other ideas floating around in my brain about shoots i would like to do, but those will have to wait.....but if you would like to talk to me about anything listed above, definitely do!