Best of 2009.......the couple

*I was alerted to the fact that I have TWO number 16's. SO to not mess up the other numbers, I am making 16a & 16b. If you want to vote for either Meri & Randy or Amber & Seth, please put their names along with either 16a or 16b. THANKS! Sorry about that*

The last category! I know, I got a little out of hand. LOL. I just had way too many favorites (because of YOU GUYS, my awesome clients!). And I had too much fun posting them and seeing your votes. I couldn't stop. But....this is the last one. And because it is, I am posting my favorite "couple portrait" from each of my 28 weddings plus my one "love story" shoot. 

Please vote on your favorite! The stakes are higher this time. I will send a free 11X14 mounted print of the winning shot to that couple. So please VOTE AWAY! Voting will end on January 17th at 8 pm. Only one vote per person....but you can encourage friends and family to vote! Please leave at least a first name to vote....all other votes will not be counted.

PLUS! I will pick a voter at random (on this category only) to receive a Starbucks gift card! You must leave your full name, or first name and email address to qualify (email addresses are never shared!)

And PLEASE go and vote on the other 14 categories while you are at it ;)

I will announce all winners on Monday January 18th


1. Sarah and Mike


2. Maria and Paul      


3. Bridget and Charlie


4. Cindy and Jeff


5. Rachel and Matt

6. Beth and Mike


8. Joni and Blair


9. Sarah and Greg

10. Marta and Ross


11. Dave and Jody


12. Sadie and Shane

13. Amy and Andy

14. Jess and Dillon

15. Kim and Nigel


16a. Meri and Randy


16b. Amber and Seth

17. Sarah and Devin

18. Amber and Jeremy

19. Rebecca and Kevin


20.  Anto and Logan


21. Nicole and Kyle


22. Bridget and Seth


23. Becky and Jeff


24. Amy and Steve


25. Megan and Jeff


26. Jamie and Chris


27. Claire and Jon


28. Lynn and Matt


29. Mariah and Gabe


This post was the most fun. It was almost like reliving each awesome wedding. Thanks again to my awesome 2009 couples. You totally made '09 a banner wedding year! 


And thanks everyone for voting.