Best of 2009.......Kisses

Another thing we all know I love........kissing pictures (or in some cases the 'just before the kiss' pictures). I know I have been "called out" as making couples kiss too much in pictures. But I will not apologize ;) I love kisses. And I think, as I have said before, if you don't want to kiss on your wedding day....when will you want to kiss ;) It is a day for kissing and lots of it! All of these are wedding day (or wedding attire shoot) kisses.....I have lots of good engagement session kisses, but since I have posted lots of those already, I will keep it to the wedding day kisses.

And to add a little extra for your favorite in each category and I will send that couple an 8X10 of the winning shot when all is said & done! To vote just add a comment letting me know your favorite!  (Voting will run from now through January 17th)

Please leave at least a first name to vote....all other votes will not be counted.

*Make sure to scroll down and vote for your favorites in EACH category*


1. Bridget and Charlie


2. Marta and Ross


3. Mariah and Gabe




4.  Jess and Dillon


5. Kyle and Nicole


6. Sarah and Mike


7. Joni and Blair

8. Sarah and Greg


9. Sadie and Shane


10. Kim and Nigel

11. Amy and Andy


12. Sarah and Devin

13. Logan and Anto


14. Jamie and Chris


15. Claire and Jon


16. Lynn and Matt

17. Megan and Jeff