what goes into your wedding DVD?

since i know that i have fabulous {patient} wedding clients waiting for their DVDs, I want to explain why DVDs of your wedding pictures take as long as they do. First off, on my wedding contract it says that online galleries and DVDs take approximately 6-8 weeks. Right now, I am at 8 weeks for all weddings, so if you are wondering when your photos will be ready, that is a good estimate. So... that may seem like a long time to some, so I wanted to explain {to a certain extent} WHY it takes that long.

When I look at a wedding, I don't just slap all your photos on a DVD and out the door they go. Nope, I spend time on each wedding, going through and selecting the BEST images to represent your day and tell the story. Then I go through all those images and make them look the absolute best they can be, and work with them so that they fit you and your theme. if your wedding was vintage and rustic, I will make sure the images fit that and it comes through on your pictures. did you have a modern vibrant wedding? i want that to translate in your album. I also choose images to make black and white, etc. I look at each image you get as not just a picture, but as an artistic representation of your day.

Since it takes me longer to get through each wedding and make it into a story of the day, that is why I post a LOT of sneak peek images on my blog. So that while you wait, you have seen on an average, about 75 pictures of your day to tide you over.

That being said, I do COMPLETELY understand the excitement and anticipation in waiting to see your FULL wedding story. I have been photographed before and can empathize with the agonizing ;) wait. That is why I am working FEVERISHLY to get all my weddings out as fast as I can {without sacrificing the artistic integrity and quality of my work} to each and everyone of you.

This summer has been crazy busy, with a 16 wedding in a row stretch (which is awesome...thank you SOOOOOOOO much to my fabulous clients. you all rock), tons of travel, lots of computer problems, and having two little children....so I REALLY do appreciate all my clients being SOOOOOO wonderful, understanding, and patient.

and because no post is complete without a picture.......