kyle and nicole part 2

part two today (this will be a three, maybe four! part post)

kyle and nicole held their ceremony under a HUGE tree on our parents land. the ceremony was done by our uncle, one of our aunts did a reading, and kyle's mom and dad did a reading. there was also acoustic guitar music by a cousin in law, and an AWESOME song by family friend.... all in all, it was a gorgeous and meaningful ceremony. i can assure you my eyes didn't stay dry! 





a moment right after the ceremony

their dinner (catered by Jake's Northwoods in Sparta and super yummy) was held in a tent in my parent's front yard. i adored the decorations and details, most of which were DIY projects that Nicole and friends and family put together....

there were tissue pom poms

centerpieces were stems of green mums in vases that nicole had found from scouring thrift stores with her gram

their favors were apples with little "leaves" that said k+n

they had hand painted signs pointing out the ceremony, dinner, dance, restrooms, photo booth (more on that in the next post)....etc.



and cupcakes by Kristi's Cakes and Pastries in Wilton


i LOVE this one of my papa being suave and giving me a wink

you all know i can never just post ONE ring shot, and it is no different today ;)

i will finish up this post with a couple of portraits. more tomorrow!