kyle and nicole part 1

i really don't even know where to begin with this wedding. even if it wasn't my brother and my fabulous new sister in law's wedding, it would have been awesome. the fact that they are family and i love them to bits just helped it be THAT much more awesome. i am going to go totally overboard with pictures, but hey...this is my blog, i adore them! 

but seriously, this wedding was just my favorite sort in all kinds of ways. Full of unique details, DIY projects, and held in one of the most awesome locations ever---my parents farm---kyle and nicole totally rocked the wedding world. :)

so....on to the pictures. with more narration than i usually use on my blog, but seriously, so many unique ideas were in play, and so much went on, that i just have to gush a little. 

oh! and i have to say that kyle and nicole, with help from family and friends planned the whole wedding in four months! it CAN be done! 

first off...getting MY HOUSE! it is not often i get to shoot the bride doing her hair and make up while sitting on my own bed in my pj's snuggling my baby. :)

nicole did her own hair and make up! waaaaay talented! 


one of the cool things about this wedding is that kyle and nicole's true style shone through in their apparel. nicole took her shoes and totally made them her own by adding these rocking purple buttons

she did the same with her dress---she had the one strap added, totally gave the dress a completely different look. 

and i LOVED the flowers! 

kyle and nicole were both getting dressed in the upstairs of my parents was so odd to have them both up there but not seeing each other. so we had to take a picture of them together......but not really together

kyle and i's grandpa helped him with his tie

see what i mean about style? LOVED the suit. my dapper brother waiting for his bride

since they saw each other before the ceremony, we had time before to do lots of couples portraits. and they were serious troopers. we went up hills, in the middle of roads, and all over the farm. nicole's dress had some bugs in the lining, but she was awesome, and knew it was all worth it, for the pictures ;)



nicole could hardly stand being stuck inside the house while all the guests arrived....

we really didn't think my papa carr would be able to come to kyle's wedding---but he was there....and i was so happy to spend some time with him, and capture some priceless photos (more to come!)

amelia totally ADORES her uncle kyle

i will end this post with a shot of kyle and our grammy carr.....more tomorrow!