logan and anto....part 2

more pictures from this wonderfuly fun wedding. i LOVE family weddings!
















Logan and Anto's last name is Hill.....


I can't get over their ceremony spot. it was amazing. and worth the hour long (and CRAZY WINDY) limo ride we took to get there...

 the next two pictures are of the part in their ceremony where I lost it. I cried SOOOO hard. it was amazing. logan and anto took communion and he prayed over her. it was SUCH a powerful moment. and I, being a total blubber baby, was WEEPING.


 and who is this adorable little girl ;) another great thing about family weddings is seeing my own little ones all dressed up


the view was just insane!





amelia and my uncle brian singing a song with the word love in it. it was "LOVE. twinkle, twinkle little star"

















it was such a blessing to be with my family, and to meet anto and her family. anto: i am so glad you are part of our family now, and logan i am so happy for you! i hope we can see you guys again soon!