logan and antonina....part 1

labor day weekend my family and i traveled to South Carolina for my cousin logan's wedding. i was SOOOOO happy and blessed to be there and to be able to capture this special day. it was an absolutely GORGEOUS wedding. i was in awe of logan and anto's personal style, their ceremony, the locations....just everything. the weather, the people, the couple...just everything came together and it was awesome. i could gush.....because well, who doesn't want to gush about family? but i will just start posting pictures instead so you can all see the fabulousness of it all! :)

i have a couple from the rehersal and rehersal dinner that were just too fun not to share...







 on the day of the wedding, i started out with anto and her bridesmaids in their hotel room getting ready...












 logan and anto saw eachother before the ceremony, their first look was so sweet!


aren't they just the cutest couple ever???? seriously, you can't take a bad picture of these two! OH! and anto wore her mother's wedding dress! i love it! AND i ADORE logan's suit! I am totally digging the look some of my grooms are pulling off! stylin!!!!!










this tree was just TOO amazing. i had to make good use of it!










part 2 coming soon!