apologies and excitement

first off, i need to make my apologies to ALL who are waiting on me in any sense. phone calls, emails, pictures, anything.... PLEASE know that I AM thinking of you and working on it! however, I am also running around in a way that i don't hardly have time to even breathe. next week, life {somewhat} slows down....only 6 more weekends in a row of weddings ;).....and I promise to return all phone calls, emails, and catch up on galleries, etc then! Thank you for hanging in their with me... I appreciate all my clients. You all ROCK MY SOCKS.

one of the {many} reasons that right now is insane is that MY 'LITTLE' BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW! I am so thrilled for him, and for his gorgeous and wonderful fiance, Nicole. I love you both, I can't wait for your wedding, and I wish you soooooooo much happiness. I can't wait! {okay, teary eyed for like the millionth time this week--- i am a sap!}