kim and nigel's las vegas wedding.

kim and nigel are so cute together. in fact, they are the kind of couple that makes their friends gag a bit at their cuteness ;) they are just so in love...they can't keep their eyes off of each other. the way they look at each other is just so awesome. and they had SUCH a fun wedding! they, and about 40 of their friends and family flew out to vegas to celebrate and it was a BLAST! Matt and I were blessed and honored to be there. we had so much fun! it was an amazing weekend. i have so many hilarous photos from our time there....but a lot of it will be filed under "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" but I do think I can share these on the blog. Thank you soooo much kim and nigel for having me! I was really really excited that I could be there to take part in your weekend!


oh! and i just have to post this picture first. I was THERE the night kim and nigel first met, at erika and pauly's wedding. 


and now....their wedding! since i was there with them all weekend, i got to go with them when they got their marriage licence. that was very cool!



what did i tell you about the way they look at each other?

wehad the MOST hilarous cabbie! he was cracking us up. he told me "you know theymake digital cameras you can fit in your purse now"   



this is the kind of behavior that earns them gagging faces behind their backs ;)


kim's shoes were another drool worthy pair. THANK YOU to my brides this year for feeding into my shoe obsession!!!!


some super Vegasy ring pics





kim is so gorgeous!!! you can't take a bad picture of her!


sadly i wasn't allowed to take pictures AT ALL in the this is the last one i got before the ceremony. but the ceremony was lovely....and my fingers itched the whole time to take my camera out. silly chapel rules :(








updating her facebook status--LOVE IT!





even in the middle of vegas, i tend to gravitate to"nature" shots....

this is my favorite! i was so excited i actually showed it to kim and nigel on the back of my camera....which, if you have ever been photographed by me before you know I NEVER do....








nigel sang "Jersey Girl" to Kim (she is from New Jersey originally) it was beyond sweet



sometimes matt and i are gagworthy

their reception was held at the espnzone, and it was just awesome! everyone got to play in the game room for a couple of was sooo much fun!









posting the pictures makes me want to go back and do it all over again! seriously, kim and nigel, i can't thank you enough for bringing me to vegas with you to take part in your special day {weekend!}. it was just fabulous to see you guys and celebrate your love!!!!