amber and jeremy.....the wedding

amber and jeremy got married last was a super fun day! i feel like i say the same things over and over about all of my couples, but it is true! everyone is so great, and all the weddings I am blessed to be a part of are just so much fun! amber and jeremy are adorable together, and they gave me a super long time to shoot them alone around the grounds of maple grove country club, so i went super heavy on the bride and groom shots {again! lol} thank you to you both! i loved being a part of your day

getting ready! {i was feeling b&w for these....}

totally jealous of amber's lashes  







i had the lovely and talented Alice Trost shooting with me for this wedding and the idea behind this next picture was all hers...















i was SUPER DUPER in love with this tree, as you will no doubt realize. i may have said i wanted to eat it....not sure what i meant by that (other than i was insanely excited about how gorgeous it was) i think that amber, jeremy, and the nice man who drove alice and i around in a golf cart all think i am nuts. ;)


 jeremy loves to golf, so it was fitting we took most of their couple's shots on a golf course




this next shot the work of miss alice! great job, girl! i love how jeremy is grinning at amber









alice's shot below


alice's shot on the far right



 next two photos courtesy of alice....





 a rousing game of musical chairs





there is just a little height difference between amber and jeremy



LOVE this shot of alice's


alice's shot on the right. she shares my foot shot "thing"






thank you to amber, jeremy, friends and family! what a great day!