sarah and devin....the wedding, part 2

and now for part two of this joy-filled wedding, starting with some bride and groom shots

sarah's veil was AWESOME! sarah was my first bride to wear a cathedral length veil, and i loved it!















i really loved the bridesmaid look that sarah picked. from the awesome shoes you saw yesterday, to the elegant dresses, the gorgeous flowers and the necklaces totally rocked!


okay, this is a blog first for me. i have NEVER posted a family formal shot, but today i am for a couple reasons. first of all, yes i do take them (in moderation!), secondly, look at this gene wonder sarah and devin are so stunning!!!!

but the main reason  I am posting these to encourage people planning weddings to consider taking your family formals somewhere other than the front of the church. take your family formals outside in gorgeous evening light....and i think you will end up with formals that are a little more relaxed, and really pretty at the same time!







two different views of {almost} the same picture










sarah's dad gave a really great speech


julie and sarah REALLY made me wish i had a sister. you girls are too cute!




devin's mom made an awesome slideshow for the newlyweds. it was awesome. they laughed, they cried....













 the end


thanks again to you both for having me as your photographer!