sarah and devin....the wedding part 1

okay....i am going to admit to going a little {maybe a lot} overboard with sarah and devin's sneak's just that once i got started, i couldn't stop. their whole day was just so wonderful... i was truly blessed to be a part of it. there was just so much love in every single part of the day. and excitement! seriously.....being with sarah and the bridesmaids that morning was a blast because they were all sooooo excited! sarah was brimming with joy and her bridesmaids were soooo thrilled for her. it was awesome to see. and sarah and devin together, wow.

 i could gush, gush, gush......but i will stop and get on to the pictures.... i will say that i totally LOVE my job. i am SO lucky that couples invite me to share in one of the happiest and most special days of their lives. seriously crazylucky!

 and thank you to sarah and devin and your family and friends for making me feel so welcome and being so very awesome. i hope you enjoy your sneak peek.....


i met sarah, her mom and her sister at the salon the morning of the wedding. they were already having so much fun




if sarah's sister julie looks familiar.....she is!.....i just did her engagement session about a month ago



here is some of that excitement I talked about.....i think this is when sarah started to feel like a bride!



then i got to go hang out with the guys a little bit....


awesome wedding bands




i so love little details like this....devin had his initials sewn on his cuffs is my wedding tip of the day...if at all possible i urge you to get ready at your house (or hotel if that is where you are staying) it is just so much more relaxed and fun, and usually soooo much better ambience than a church basement. i know that lots of brides worry about getting their dresses wrinkled or dirty, and i totally understand that.....but if it is a close drive, it probably isn't going to get noticeably wrinkled (if at all!)..... and i think it is sooo worth it for the awesome pictures (of course i would say that and the fun of getting ready somewhere where you can relax and be comfortable....

sarah and the girls got ready at her parents house, which was gorgeous and had awesome places to shoot the details and getting ready shots....

looooooved the bridesmaid shoes


and sarah's dress.


and her shoes? oooooh those shoes!



more of the droolworthy shoes. and here is an example of the kind of shot you can only get 'at home'....the pictures above the shoes are sarah and her mom when she was!


one of my favorite moments of the day. sarah got in her dress and all of the girls erupted in squeals of excitement. i honestly was a little overcome with emotion by it, and may have teared up. i am such a girl!


sarah is GORGEOUS!




that picture of sarah and her mom? sarah's grandma made drawing of it that was hanging in sarah's parents bathroom.....i love this shot....





sarah and her mom


the shot on the right is more of that excitement!!!





their unbelievably adorable ring bearer sprinted up the aisle















seriously stunning bling


and more.....drool!


sarah and her brother










and i will end this post with one of my favorite bride and groom shots of the day


stay tuned for more {told you i went a little crazy....}