clayton and julie....engaged

i'm not gonna lie..... i am pretty excited about clayton and julie's engagement i am sure you will be able to tell by the fact that i am posting a million or so photographs from it.

it was just a beautiful evening for pictures last thursday....and julie had researched an awesome location in madison--- owen conservation park. not to mention that julie and clayton are gorgeous people, both inside and out. that, and the fact that they are so in love and have an absolute blast together was obvious even in the short time we were together. {plus, they treated me to some supersuperSUPER yummy ice really, how can i not gush?}

thanks again guys! it was just great getting to meet you in person, and i CANNOT wait for your wedding next year. (and for sarah's--julie's sister--wedding in a few weeks!)















this is why i had so much fun with clayton and julie....they went from this:


to this:

in exactly five seconds...too much fun!

so we trekked into this REALLY high grass...we were talking about ticks, and mice and other creatures that could be in the grass


so, i get them all set up....holding hands, being in love, etc. etc. etc. and all the sudden clayton yells and jumps


he was just teasing, hoping i would catch julie's reaction, but unfortunately he is too good of an actor, and I reacted, jumping and squealing too.... lol (i think what flashed through my mind is 'oh no, i brought them out in this crazy grass and now a snake bit him...." or something along those lines...)




 per usual, i took way more horizontal than vertical pictures. i wonder why that is... (all photographers out there, do you tend to take more of one type of picture than the other? and if so...which?)














 isn't julie's ring stunning? LOVE IT!










ICE CREAM!!!! it was so good. thanks again guys!