ever have one of those days? {VERY IMPORTANT EMAIL INFO}


......well it seems i am having one of those SUMMERS, especially technology wise.  between computer troubles, sicknesses, and lots of other small things just not going how they should i am (as you all know) very behind and about ready to chuck all things technological out the window.

the newest "trouble" is a DOOZY. my hard drive on my laptop is broken. totally crashed. no one panic---all pictures are on an external hard drive and backed up on DVDs also. so there is no worry there. HOWEVER all my emails (which I believed to be backed up on my server) are GONE! there is a small chance of them being recovered, but I am not banking on it. SO if you have emailed me lately, and I haven't responded, please email me to krystalcarr@hotmail.com. If you have a session with me scheduled, please email me at my hotmail address to make sure it is on my paper calendar. If you have emailed me details (hotel info, locations, etc) about your wedding, please contact me again at krystalcarr@hotmail.com.

basically, if you have had an upcoming wedding or session, have contacted me re: meeting or a tentative wedding booking, or have any questions re: albums/sessions/photographs, or need to contact me in ANY WAY please email me at krystalcarr@hotmail.com .

Hopefully the computer/tech gurus can retrieve all my emails and I will be back on track with no glitches. otherwise, I may be a little bit MORE behind, especially with responding etc.

thank you guys all SOOOO much for being understanding. Everyone who is waiting for photographs, I SO appreciate your patience. I am working feverishly to get them finished ASAP. A reminder to all wedding clients... pictures will be finished around 8 weeks after your wedding date. Thank you to everyone for bearing with me.

and.... to end this post on a high note... something that makes all the bleak times seem brighter. my darlings.