jess and dillon's big day... part 2


i love these. AND i love jess and dillon for venturing over by this scary building. not until i walked closer to them did i realize there was something gross smelling somewhere in the vicinity. thanks guys for being so up for anything and not saying a WORD! you guys are total awesomeness!





shot by miriah dobbs









photo on left taken by miriah ---evidence of my crazy photographer bridesmaidness


photo by miriah:


i can't help but stick this one in. i LOVE my little girl (photo by miriah)



YUM, cupcakes



the wedding band...joe cody and friends...rocked the dance floor. CHECK THEM OUT!



jess and her mom, photo by miriah,

photo by miriah


when jess and dillon met, he was in a band: the rock pilots. they haven't played in awhile, as some members have moved, etc. but they reunited to play some at the wedding... which was a HUUUUUGE hit! it was AWESOME. (and i think you guys should reunite to play at least one more wedding...saaaaay sept 12th, wink..wink, nudge...nudge)







 photo by miriah:





again, congrats and lots of love to the happy couple. SO jealous of hawaii, and hope you are having a fabulous time. and miriah, can't say it enough, YOU ROCK! thank you SO much!