sadie and shane....the wedding 6.20.09

sadie and shane had the perfect day for their beach themed wedding. it certianly felt like a beachy kind of day. it was so lovely! sadie had such awesome and sweet bridesmaids....i loved spending time with them. so much fun was had by all during the whole day. i was so honored to be there. thanks shane and sadie for an awesome day and for being such a wonderful couple. it was so fun to document your day and your love for each other!

i started the day with sadie and her girls at the salon. they were all so relaxed and just enjoying themselves to the fullest








then the girls went to Rudy's for lunch FUN!!!!!!!




sadie and shane saw each other before the ceremony. i love the anticipation and joy in their first glimpses of each other





















sadie washing her maid of honor's feet off after being on the sandy beach


can you read the advice someone left for shane in their guest advice pail?


love their super fun cake!


and i loved catching the looks they were giving each other over obviously head over heels!


so...i usually tear up at least once during every wedding and saturday was no exception. their first dance was so emotional....




and then....the dance! what a great dance....what a great group! everyone was packing the dance floor and having a blast. it was the perfect way to end a fun day!


sadie and her four roommates are ALL engaged and getting married within the next year or so....(wow!) and so instead of throwing her bouquet, sadie passed it down to the next girl in line to get married (hope your wedding day is awesome, Jess, I know it will be!) and then she will do the the Sisterhood of the Traveling Flowers ;) GREAT idea!






that's sadie's mom in the middle of the circle..she was tearing up the dance floor!





 thanks you guys for having me on your special day! it was awesome!