jody + dave.....the wedding

jody and dave had a beautiful day for a wedding! it was seriously gorgeous. and WHAT a wedding it was! the reacurring theme of the day was "community". both dave and jody come from HUGE families, which i they were totally surrounded by people that loved them all day. it was awesome. i could just feel the love and excitement radiating from all around me! and dave and jody are so in love....and you could tell that they were so thrilled to be marrying their soulmate! what a great day. thanks again jody and dave for having me!









just in case you thought i was exaggerating when i said surrounded by a community of love....check it out...there was thirty two people all together in their wedding party!



















another super fun dance....everyone was on the dance floor showing off their MOVES...









thank you so much guys for having me on your special day!