so sore.....but totally worth it

personal post alert!

i just had to post a HUGE THANK YOU to a bunch of people today. My friend Jess and I ran the St Clare Health Mission Half Marathon in La Crosse today (as a part of their Fitness Festival). It was a gorgeous day to run! And the race was so well put on, I thought. So THANK YOU to the city, the sponsors, the fans, the volunteers and everyone who made it possible. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. And thank you to my husband--who, I don't think even reads my blog, what is WRONG with him?-- for being my awesome mega fan! And to bonnie and charlie, and jenny and ellie who also came out to cheer Jess and I on. It was an awesome time. Now..... I need to find another race for the fall, so I don't sit around and let myself turn into jelly. I hope all of you had a great Sunday also. (oh! and how like a photographer that i spent a bunch of the race checking out all the photographers that were shooting the race and trying to see what cameras/lenses they were using. HA!)



ps--if you haven't seen Mariah and Gabe's last post is right under this one

pps--i know a LOT of you are waiting on galleries. i have been swamped, but will work like a mad woman to get you your pictures ASAP! thanks for being awesomely patient!

ppps--dates for lifestyle/engagement shoots are filling up fast. i am already booked on weekends through the end of June, and have limited weekday availability. if you would like to book a session, contact me ASAP