amy and steve.....engaged

i know amy and steve have been waiting for their sneak peek. in fact, i bet a lot of people are waiting for their pictures, so i need to give a HUGE apology to everyone. first i was sicksicksick, and now my computer is sick, sick sick. it is on its way to the computer doctor, and will be back soon so i can finish editing all your sessions to get them to you all ASAP. Thank you to everyone for being so patient with me.... i have the best clients EVER!!! you guys are all awesome!


ok...on with the pictures. I met amy and steve during the PERFECT light of the day. really, I strongly suggest everyone has their pictures taken starting about two hours before dusk, so we can get this gorgeous light. i don't think people understand why...but it really,really,REALLY does make a difference in the pictures!















thanks amy and steve for being so great! i can't wait until your wedding in october! i am so glad the weather cooperated with us this time!