joni and blair....the wedding (part one)


a pair of colored shoes.

a birdcage veil.

a custom headpeice.

a first look.

a gorgeous couple, who are not only completely in love, but also up for anything

an outdoor ceremony

........mix it all together with an awesome wedding party, fun families, and a little bit of gorgeous light

what do you get? a SUPER giddy wedding photographer that is what!

i have been looking forward to joni and blair's wedding since their engagement session last summer. (well if we are being honest, i have been looking forward to it since they booked me back in Jan of 08.) and it was even better than i imagined!  i was in photographer heaven all day long. i could fill my whole blog with their pictures. but i won't. as it is, i have a ton to share. and this post is heavy on couple shots. i know...i know...lots of my wedding posts are heavy on couple shots. i just can't help it. i love shots of brides and grooms in love and interacting on their special day. (and a HUGE shout out to Dani for all her help. i was still quite sick on the wedding day, and she totally saved me by helping me out all day long...)

ok....that is a lot of words. now on to what you really come to my blog for....the PICTURES:


joni got her hair and make up done at Salon Medusa in downtown La Crosse. the ambiance there is awesome. i totally reccommend it!








ok... i absolutely cannot get over joni and blair's "first look". they saw each other before the ceremony, it was just them (and these two crazy girls with cameras) and it was just fabulous---i teared up!!!-- i love the anticipation....the emotion...and just the reaction when they first saw each other. i don't push one way or another for couples to see each other before or after, but this first look made me want EVERYONE to do one. 








i get told often i take/post "too many" kissing pictures. ((never by the couples, always by people looking at the pictures)) and i say. it is a wedding day. KISS LONG AND OFTEN!!!! 




joni and blair stayed at the bentley-wheeler b&b, and the owners were awesome enough to let us take some pictures there. it was absolutely STUNNING! if you are looking for an unique place to stay after your wedding, check it out!


















ok. i was going to jampack all my favorites into one post, but i can see that was a crazy idea....there are just too many. so this has become part 1 of 2. check back for more joniandblair goodness soon!

(( thank you Joni and Blair for having me to photograph your day! and if you guys have interenet access there, i hope costa rica (!!!!!) is absolutely FABULOUS!))