beth and mike...the wedding

so...are you wondering where all the wedding posts are? if so you are in for a treat, because i will post two weddings this week. beth and mike were married may 9th, but i wanted to save their wedding post for when they were home from their honeymoon to see it and they are home! so here we go!


beth and mike had a COLD day for a wedding, but they didn't let that cool off their love and enthusiasm. they are such a sweet couple. their love was evident in every part of the day. it was so much fun. and they had a great wedding party....lots of fun!

ok....since we know i all post a mega amount of detail shots, i decided to combine most of them for this post...because i wanted to post them all AGAIN....







beth was lovely



and mike was oh so dapper



cutie pie kid antics during the ceremony




beth's mom had some fun balloon release ideas. it was SOOOOO windy the balloons whipped away super duper fast thoguh








i know this one is super simple, but it may just be my favorite....










there were some emotional speeches. i LOVE emotional speeches










 thank you beth and mike for letting me enjoy your fabulous day with you!