first off, i have to apologize to kelli for taking longer to blog this than i said. but i have been SICK this week. like sicker than i have been in a very, very VERY long time. the kind of sick where you seriously can't leave the couch. SO...thank  you kelli for waiting.

 (and thank you to everyone who rescheduled sessions, helped me with my kids, and are totally being super patient people for their images. hopefully i am on the mend and will be back on the top of my game ASAP)

okay, enough babbling. on to the images. the post name says it all. this little family was so much fun!









this one just cracks me right up









i super duper LOVE this one.






and i KNOW i do lots of tossing in the air shots, but their expressions are too good for me to leave this one out.